Sales Training and Coaching

Who Needs Sales training?

The value sales training brings to Business, Sales professionals, and Small business owners is vital to business as a whole.

  • Sales Professionals

Sales training provides a repeatable, sustainable process that can result in greater sales.

  • Sales Managers and Assistants

Sales Managers and Assistants can benefit from sales training by knowing what to expect from their sales team. They will also have a better way to measure performance through standardization of processes.

  • Businesses

Sales training can provide faster onboarding of new hires, reduced turnover, sales force alignment, increased sales revenue, sales confidence, measurable standards, and reinforcement of business ethics.

The Invisible Hand team provides the sales methodologies and skills training that help sellers close more deals. Our core sales training programs include The Eight Dynamic Shifts, which revolutionizes seller behavior and drives success in leading sales organizations nationwide.

The effectiveness of The Invisible Hand’s approach to sales training lies in our understanding of both the art and science of sales. With more than 20 years of experience, our ability to develop sales people who meet the changing expectations of today’s buyers is unparalleled. Count on us to arm your sellers with the behaviors and strategies they need to engage more buyers and win more deals.